Universal Phone Car Clip

$17.99 $39.99 -56% OFF

Universal Phone Car Clip

$17.99 $39.99 -56% OFF
Product Description

The Universal Phone Car Clip is the newest and best way to mount your phone to your car.

It allows you to position your phone on your dashboard and other places for easier visibility. It maintains a clear front driving view for 100% safe driving.

Enjoy driving, using GPS, listening to calls / music without looking away from front viewpoints. You can also adjust the angle, placing it either landscape/portrait with anti-slip features for the perfect and stable viewing position.

The best part is there no sticky adhesive so you can move it as many times as you want and you don't need to stick anything to your dashboard. Some adhesives can ruin your dashboard, that's why we had to design something reusable.
  • Enhanced Viewing Experience and Safe Driving
    Clips perfectly to your dashboard making it like an HUD system to keep your eyes on the road, but also able to glance at your device.
  • Easily Adjusted Viewing Angle
    The clip for your mobile device is easily adjusted allowing you to achieve up to 120 degrees

  • Sturdy with Non-Slip Padding
    The bases are double curved so it locks your phone into an extremely stable position. The alligator teeth design is coated with non-slip silicone material so it wont scrath your phone.

  • Anti-Scratch Protection
    The silicone material in the teeth is designed to touch your phone softly and will not create scratch marks
  • Large and Flexible Mount
    Compatible with pretty much all smartphones even with thick cases on them. Perfect for phones of all sizes.
  • Fast and Easy Installation
    All you have to do is clip the phone on your dashboard or desired place. Then mount your phone and you're ready within seconds.
  • One Size Fits All
    This clip fits all phones such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, or pretty much ANY smartphone
  • Durable and Heat-Resistant Material
    If you live in a hot or cold area, no problem! This device can handle from -20 degrees celsius to 90 degrees celsius and not deform.


  1. Take the Universal Phone Car Clip and clip it on to your dashboard.
  2. Lift up the alligator clip and secure your phone.
  3. Adjust angle to your desired viewing position.

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