Stainless Steel Stackable Lunchbox

$28.99 $40.00 -28% OFF



Stainless Steel Stackable Lunchbox

$28.99 $40.00 -28% OFF



Product Description

The BEST Way To Enjoy Your Meals!

Wish you could enjoy multiple sets of your meal without carrying too many extra containers? Then this lunchbox is exactly what YOU need!

With its unique multi-layered structure, it allows for the most compact way to contain and separate your foods while also keeping it hot & cold for up to 4 hours!

✔️ Wide Use: perfect for carrying fruits, veggies, meats, rice, soups, salads, and more!

✔️ Space Saver: carry more food with you without the extra bulk - thanks to the multi-layered stack-able design

✔️ Temperature Insulation: the ultra-premium stainless steel ensures your foods stay hot & cold for up to 4 hours

✔️ Durable & Convenient: features a fold-able handle to easily carry around on-the-go, durable clips that snaps each compartment tightly closed, and an air vent to let moisture out when needed

✔️ Safe & Eco-Friendly: non toxic, easy to clean, and plastic free interior

Stainless Steel Stackable Lunchbox PeekWise


1 layer 10 cm (height) x 14.5 cm (diameter) 800mL
2 layers 16 cm (height) x 14.5 cm (diameter) 1600mL
3 layers 20 cm (height) x 14.5 cm (diameter) 2400mL
4 layers 26 cm (height) x 14.5 cm (diameter) 3200mL

Things To Know
  • Lunchbox is not microwaveable
  • Includes one lid to cover the top-most layer only

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Stainless Steel Stackable Lunchbox PeekWise

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