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Electric Water Gun PeekWise
Electric Water Gun PeekWise
Electric Water Gun PeekWise
Electric Water Gun PeekWise
Electric Water Gun PeekWise
Electric Water Gun PeekWise
Electric Water Gun PeekWise

High Pressure Automatic Water Gun

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If you are looking for the most powerful water gun in the world, you have come to the right place.

Next-Level Water Gun - Epic Water Battles!

There are tons of products on the market, some are weak, most are cheap and all of them are boring. This is ridiculously powerful high-tech beast of a water gun that changes everything.


With a full tank you can shoot 22 times. Every time you pull the trigger, you don't release a stream of water, but an individual and coherent single blast of water.

Thanks to our water gun's patented laminar flow technology, this blast stays together and hits precisely where it was aimed at.


Refilling has always been a pain with any water gun. This is a thing of the past: Just dip the front of the water gun into a source of clean water and at the push of a button, it refills itself.

After 10 seconds, the water gun is fully refilled and re-pressured and you are good to go.


Stay on top of your game! Your display shows the tank volume in percent so you know how many blasts are left. It counts up during refill and also indicates the battery charge level.


The powerful integrated battery lasts all day (2000 individual blasts) and can be recharged with the included cable.


What makes it the world’s strongest water gun?

Electric pump - Filling the tank has never been so easy 

Tactical Display for Tactical Gameplay 

Power Shot – Ultimate Fun for Ultimate Water Battles

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