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Roulette Balloon Gun
Roulette Balloon Gun
Roulette Balloon Gun

Roulette Balloon Gun

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  • Add tension and thrill to your games with the Roulette Balloon Gun!
  • Spin the roulette, see how many times to pull the trigger, then take your chances!
  • The anticipation and thrill is amazing!
  • Or switch the rule and you decide on the fate of your opponent instead!
  • Blow it up in your face, or add some water and do it right over your head!
  • Impress your friends at parties and clubs!
  • Ideal as a new drinking game, ice breaker or just annoying friends.
  • Use thin balloons from dollar store for best result!
  • Each order includes 1 x gun, 1 x roulette card, 1 x balloon ring, 6 x balloons, 1 x air pump

The rules of the game are simple; spin the roulette, cock the hammer, then pull the trigger 1-4 times depending on the number you get on the roulette. If the balloon doesn’t pop, the party revolver gets passed to the next person. Or if you're lucky enough, you get to reverse or skip your turn!

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