Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



Product Description

This automatic robotic vacuum Cleaner will sweep, suck, polish, and vacuum your home with just one touch of a button! And will do so for an unbelievably affordable price. It's a must have for all homes!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner PeekWise

This mopping vacuum cleaner utilizes a suction cleaning technique, instead of a roller brush like other robot vacuums.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner PeekWise

This allows the vacuum to be closer to the ground helping it to pick up dust, hair, lint, soot, and crumbs. All without the hassle of a roller brush getting tangled up in yarn or hair!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner PeekWise

The automatic vacuum cleaner has :

  • Two brushes in the front to sweep dust into the vacuum.
  • Cloth along the bottom to gently polish your floors.
  • 400ml reusable and washable cartridge to hold all the icky stuff it will suck up.
  • Rechargeable battery you plug in, that will allow the vacuum to work up to 90 min!
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner PeekWise
  • Switch mode : Press the host switch, and the sweeper enters the working mode working lamp to light up. Press the host switch again and turn off the sweeper.
  • Charging mode : Connect the Micro- USB head of the USB cable to the charging port of the sweeper and connect the USB head to the converter for charging.
  • Charge Status : The charging indicator light is on. indicating that the charging is being charged and the OFF indicates that the charging is complete and the general charging time is about 2-3 hours.

This Robot vacuum designed specifically for all hard floor surfaces! It works on all woods, tiles, marbles, stones, bamboo, laminate, linoleum, cork, and concrete floors! (This robot vacuum is not for carpet).

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