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Pup ToothBrush™

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No More Struggles: Let Your Dog Clean Their Teeth!


Are you looking for a fun and effective way to promote good dental hygiene in your furry friend? Are you ready to give your dog the gift of clean teeth and fresh breath?


1. Promotes good dental hygiene

A dog toothbrush toy is designed to help clean your dog's teeth and promote good dental hygiene, which can help prevent dental problems like gum disease and bad breath.

2. Saves time

Brushing your dog's teeth can be a time-consuming task, but a dog toothbrush toy allows your dog to clean their teeth while they play, which saves you time.

3. Reduces anxiety

Chewing on a dog toothbrush toy can help reduce anxiety and stress in dogs, which is especially helpful for dogs that experience separation anxiety or have other behavioral issues.

4. Enhances mental stimulation

Dogs need mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy, and a dog toothbrush toy provides a fun and engaging activity that can help keep your dog's mind active.


Material: Rubber

Feature: Safe non-toxic


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Package includes:

1 Pup ToothBrush

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