Midnight Matte Black Nail Polish

$17.99 $33.99 -48% OFF

Midnight Matte Black Nail Polish

$17.99 $33.99 -48% OFF
Product Description

Beyond Noir: Unleash the Allure of our Midnight Matte Black Nail Polish

Introducing our premium Midnight Matte Black Nail Polish - a shade that goes beyond noir, embracing the enigmatic allure of midnight. Elevate your nail game with a stunning, professional-quality matte finish that sets you apart from the crowd. With easy application and perfect coverage, achieving a mesmerizing dark look has never been easier!


    • UV Base Gel / No Wipe Top Coat: Dries With Any UV Light for a super-durable finish.
    • Faster Drying: Spend less time waiting for your nails to dry and more time flaunting your stunning matte black look.
    • Longer Lasting: Enjoy a long-lasting matte finish that stays flawless for days.
    • Perfect Coverage: Achieve a smooth, opaque look with just one coat.
    • Suitable for Various Nail Types: Apply on top of UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails, and more to create a glossy finish.
    • Suitable for Professional and Home Use: Whether you're a nail pro or a DIY enthusiast, our Midnight Matte Black Nail Polish is your go-to choice.

    How to Use:

    Follow these simple steps to achieve flawless nails with our Midnight Matte Black Nail Polish:

    1. Start by using the nail file to shape and prepare your nails.
    2. Apply a thin layer of the UV base gel and cure it using a UV light.
    3. Once cured, apply the first layer of the Midnight Matte Black Color Gel.
    4. Cure the color gel layer under the UV light. Repeat this step if needed for a deeper color.
    5. For the final touch, apply the Matte Top Coat over the color gel layer.
    6. Cure the Top Coat layer under the UV light for a long-lasting, matte finish.

    Now you're all set to flaunt your captivating Midnight Matte Black nails!


    • Package Contents:
      • 1 Bottle 7ml Matte Top Coat
      • 1 Bottle 7ml Color Gel

    Unleash Your Allure with Midnight Matte Black Nail Polish! Buy now and flaunt your fierce, sophisticated style.

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