Golf Wedge Groove Sharpener

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Golf Wedge Groove Sharpener

$18.99 $19.99 -6% OFF


Product Description

Improves Backspin & Ball Control

Haven't been golfing at your best lately? Or maybe you just need that extra edge over your competitors to rub it in their face the next match!

What ever the reason may be, you've come to the right place.

Our Golf Wedge Groove Sharpener is your ultimate solution that is proven to turn any old or worn out club, into a pro-level performer.

Did You Know?

Not having a well-maintained set of clubs is negatively affecting your performance!

Think about all the dirts and debris that accumulate into the grooves over time...

This prevents the wedge from getting a clear "bite" onto the golf ball upon contact, which results in poor spin & control.

In other words, less chances of a hole-in-one for you! ️⛳️

The Solution

By using our Golf Wedge Groove Sharpener tool, it will remove all of the stubborn dirts & debris from the grooves of your wedge, down to the very root.

With a sharpened set of grooves, it is guaranteed to improve the control & spin of the golf ball upon every hit - ultimately increasing your golf performance.

Whether you're golfing in tough terrains, roughs, or even in the rain - a clean set of grooves is an absolute necessity to achieve the proper grip from your club to the ball.

You will for sure return to the course as an absolute pro.

Key Benefits

✔️ Guaranteed to improve ball spin & control upon every contact.

✔️ Turns your old wedge into a brand, spankin' new set of irons

✔️ Multiple sharpening points that works for U & V shaped grooves

✔️ Portable and easy to carry around to every match

✔️ USGA compliant (non-illegal for competitions)

Competition Compliant

This tool features 6 uniquely sized heads to effectively sharpen any set of golf clubs (U or V shaped).

Do not worry as using this tool is 100% compliant with USGA rules and competition-level golfing!

Additional Features

✔️ Non-Slip Handle. the handle has textured grids for a better grip.

✔️ Industrial-Grade. made with premium quality metals for long-lasting use.

✔️ Easy carrying. built-in hole to insert a lanyard to wear around neck or hang out your pocket.


  • Material: Alloy
  • Dimensions: Approx. 11 x 2.3cm (L x D)

Your Order Includes

  • 1 x Golf Wedge Groove Sharpener

How Bad Do You Want It?

It's time you take action and make the necessary improvements to enhance your golfing game.

Think about all the other competitors who lack the knowledge and importance of keeping a clean set of grooves and irons.

Maintain an edge over your competitors and don't be surprised when your peers look up to you as the new pro in town!

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