Electric Clothes Dryer Hanger

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Electric Clothes Dryer Hanger

$38.99 $36.99 5% OFF


Product Description

Dry Clothes Instantly

Yes, you can wear your favorite shirt sooner than you think after laundry. The Electric Clothes Dryer Hanger is a hanger with a built-in dry so you don't have to wait for your clothes to dry outside under the sun. It's a cool device to have around when you're in a hurry, or when you simply don't have a place to leave it hanging out.

Portable Electric Clothes Indoor Dryer Hanger

Why You Should Get This Hanger

✔️ Air Outlets. the hanger has three built-in outlets where hot and cold air with anions come out to dry clothes from the inside.

✔️ Detachable. the hanger's hook folds down and the left and right air outlets can be disconnected so that it's easy to pack away and bring along anywhere.

✔️ Low Power Consumption. dry clothing at only 0.5 kWh and save electricity.

✔️ Dry Any Clothing. use it on intimates, baby clothes, shirts, blouses, long sleeves polos, and jackets in any type of fabric.

✔️ Small-Space-Friendly. this electric hanger is perfect for dorms, small apartments, campers or RVs, for when traveling.

Air Vents For Fast-Drying

The hanger sucks in air through the upper inlet and releases it with anions through the left, middle and right air outlets. Clothes are dried in about 2-3hrs.

Portable Electric Clothes Indoor Dryer Hanger

Disconnects For Easy Storage

This electric hanger's left and right-wing are detachable. If you chose the variants with show dryer hoses, these are also interchangeable when you want to use it for drying shoes.

Portable Electric Clothes Indoor Dryer Hanger

Power Source

Works on a plug-and-play feature. Just find a wall socket to use.

Portable Electric Clothes Indoor Dryer Hanger


  • Material: ABS+ABS flame retardant
  • Power: 150W
  • Gross Weight: 480g (with shoe dryer); 360g (without shoe dryer)

Get Yours Today

Drying clothes can be a challenge if you don't have the open space to dry them. That's why the Electric Clothes Dryer Hanger is available for people who are living or only renting small spaces. It quickly dries clothes so that they are easily put away in storage and won't occupy space for long. It's a truly convenient accessory to have in any home!

Portable Electric Clothes Indoor Dryer Hanger

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