Donald Trump Toilet Brush Set

$22.99 $39.99 -43% OFF


Donald Trump Toilet Brush Set

$22.99 $39.99 -43% OFF


Product Description

Trump Toilet Brush Set | Make Your Toilet Great Again!

Introducing the hilarious and unconventional Trump Toilet Brush Set! This unique toilet brush works so well that it's always "full of crap." Be prepared for some laugh-out-loud moments as it flings "crap" everywhere when you remove it from the bowl.

Modeled after the likeness of the 45th POTUS, this novelty brush features a cute little blue suit and bushy blond hair, which you can style on the inside of your toilet bowl. The Commander in Crap Trump Toilet Brush Set is sure to add a playful touch to your bathroom routine.

Key Features:

  • Make Your Toilet Great Again: Embrace the humor with the Trump Toilet Brush Set, designed to bring laughter to your bathroom. It's the perfect conversation starter and a hilarious gift for friends and family.
  • Donald Trump Figure Handle: The handle of the brush features a figure resembling Donald Trump, adding a comical twist to your cleaning routine. Please note that the figure is not made in China.
  • "No President has had a Toilet Brush like my Toilet Brush!": Embrace the cheeky humor with this statement piece that promises a unique toilet cleaning experience.
  • Trump Hands Actual Size: The Trump Toilet Brush Set stays true to the smallest details, including the size of Trump's hands.
  • 15" (40cm) Lavatory Brush with Holder: The set includes a 15" lavatory brush and a convenient holder for easy storage and access.

Bring humor and laughter to your bathroom with the Trump Toilet Brush Set. Whether you're a fan or not, this novelty brush will add a touch of amusement to your cleaning routine. Get yours today and let the fun begin!

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Note: We will make every effort to ship the selected option, but please be aware that we reserve the right to ship alternative options based on our stock availability. Rest assured, all alternatives will be equally fun and entertaining!

Disclaimer: We want to emphasize that the Trump Toilet Brush Set is intended purely for entertainment purposes. It is not intended to promote or endorse any political views or affiliations. We do not hold any political sides and encourage a lighthearted approach to this novelty item. Rest assured, our goal is to provide a fun and amusing addition to your bathroom without any political bias.

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