Anti-Rollover Portable Baby Crib

$38.99 $49.99 -23% OFF


Anti-Rollover Portable Baby Crib

$38.99 $49.99 -23% OFF


Product Description

Baby's First Suitable Bed

With all the bassinets and the cribs out in the market, are you sure they're the best for your newborn? More than appearances, infants still need the best support for their fragile bodies so that they not only get deep sleep, it helps them avoid the bad effects of sleeping on a flat surface.


  • This baby bed strays away from the normal shape of regular beds. It mimics the shape of the womb that secures the infant's body. The cottony soft crib has a padded U-shape edge at the bottom and a smaller one at the top.
  • The pad at the top prevents the baby's head from laying on one side for long periods, saving it from flathead syndrome. The larger padded area at the bottom helps stop the baby from waking up suddenly due to leg drop. It also halts the baby from rolling over.
  • The small size of the baby bed makes it portable. You can even bring it while traveling so that your child can still get a good rest on a proper bed wherever you go.
  • It's not only perfect for sleeping but also when the baby is feeding or while on a diaper change. Spend time with your baby while playing or reading to him as he lay on this bed and listening to the sound of your voice.
  • This bed is perfect from infancy up to 12 months and can be adjusted by moving the bottom padding to suit the length of the child. As your baby grows, provide him with the best bed so that no matter your lifestyle, his health won't be compromised.

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1 x Anti-Rollover Portable Baby Crib


  • Material: Cotton and polyester
  • Filling: Microfiber
  • Size: 55 x 38cm; Head: 22cm

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If you want the closeness of co-sleeping with extra safety, this is absolutely a great choice.

Anti-Rollover Portable Baby Crib PeekWise

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Anti-Rollover Portable Baby Crib PeekWise

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