3 COLAPA™ S5 Health Tracking Pro

$117.99 $209.99 -44% OFF

3 COLAPA™ S5 Health Tracking Pro

$117.99 $209.99 -44% OFF
Product Description

The first smartwatch was launched back in 2007. Smartwatches became increasingly popular ever since.
The health benefits of wearing a smartwatch are incredible. They allow you to track your step count, the amount of calories you burn, your sleep quality and much more.
But as the technology advanced, so did the price. Big tech companies have been ripping of consumers for ages. A smartwatch from a big brand can cost upwards of $250.
For a long time, these overpriced models were the only game in town… but not anymore!

The new S5 second-generation smart detection bracelet has appeared!

It can measure your blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and calculate your beats per minute (BPM). All live, in real-time.
It can even monitor your heart.

What Is Heart Monitoring And Why Do I Want It?

Think this doesn't apply to you? Heart disease is a silent killer... If you have it, you probably won't realize that something is wrong before it's too late. It is the leading cause of death for adults in the United States. Even if you lead a healthy life style you could be at risk...
Just by wearing S5 2# generation you can monitor your heart and overall health, even while you sleep. Get some peace of mind knowing that you may learn about problems early, and possibly seek medical help before it's too late...

What Else Can The S5 2.0 Do?

More than you might suspect!
When looking at reviews there are a few features that stand out as the reason 1000s of users give this watch 5-star reviews:
✅ Heart Rate & Blood Pressure monitoring -Priceless 24/7 health monitoring
✅ IP67 Waterproof -Wear yours while swimming or in the shower
✅ Large Color 1.08" Display -HD clear, easy-to-read display, oversized for easy touch control
✅ Step counter -Set goals, hit them and lose weight fast
✅ Sleep Monitoring - Measures the physiological signals of your body, understand your lifestyle
✅ Calorie Monitoring -Incredibly useful if you are trying to lose, maintain or even gain weight
✅ Alarm Reminder -You'll never forget your anniversary—or your dentist appointment again
Incoming Call Notifications -Keep your phone safe in your pocket and lets you know about incoming calls.
✅ State-of-the-art Fitness tracking -Record your workouts and get fit
✅ Long Standby -Long life battery, super-efficient, less annoying recharges
✅ Sedentary Warning -Tells you when to sit less and move more
✅ Great Styling -Premium looking smartwatch.
✅ Anti-lost -Call your lost phone from your KoreTrak watch to find it fast
✅ Take a photo -Use your KoreTrak watch to take a photo on your smartphone
✅ Sync to both iPhone and Android -Supports IOS and Android
and there is even more!

Get this 24/7 heart monitoring device for you or your family! 50% discount can be applied to purchase now, limited quantity, SOLD FAST!

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