Energy Healing Therapy Bracelet



Energy Healing Therapy Bracelet



Product Description

Improve Your General Well-Being

The best medical aids are sometimes those that work from the inside out. This magnetized therapeutic energy bracelet combines the power of healing properties from geranium, far infrared radiation (FIR), germanium, neodymium magnets, and negative ions to improve your overall health.

Energy Healing Therapy Bracelet PeekWise


  • What It Does. You'll be able to experience the improvement of blood circulation and cell renewal that can start a domino effect leading towards good health.
  • Convenient. Receive all these health benefits by wearing this stylishly sleek bracelet that you can wear anytime you need to.
  • For Everyone. You may be a hardcore athlete, a health buff, or woman or simply an average Joe that aspires to be in the best of health - this bracelet is for you!
  • Durable. This hypoallergenic stainless steel bracelet in black, silver, and gold underwent a meticulous process to last and endure physical abuse to serve you well.
  • Unisex. Made for both men and women suffering from deep stress due to dealing with pain.

Powerful Four

🔘 Neodymium increases energy, strength, and focus; also alleviates pain across your body

⚫️ Germanium contains detoxifying properties that fights off viruses and harmful radiation; helps improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue

🔴 Far Infrared (FIR) increases blood flow to your tissues promoting faster recovery and cell regeneration.

⚪️ Negative Ions improves immune system and contains anti-depressant properties to help with depressions, cognitive function, and memory.

Energy Healing Therapy Bracelet PeekWise

Premium Quality

Our Magnetic Therapy Energy Bracelets are engineered from the finest source of stainless steel and has completely adjustable links.

Choose the color that matches your style.

Energy Healing Therapy Bracelet PeekWise

Perfect Fit for You

Our bracelet is designed to make it easy for you to adjust to the size that fits perfectly for your wrist.

Just use the included tool to remove or add links as needed.

Energy Healing Therapy Bracelet PeekWise

Your Order Includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic Therapy Energy Bracelet


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 12 x 3mm
  • Weight: ~50g (1.7oz ~ 0.11lb)

Get Yours Today!

Your path towards the quality of life you seek is only an acquisition away.

Our Magnetic Therapy Energy Bracelet is what you need to help you live a painless and stress-free existence that you can devote to the people and things that matter more.

Energy Healing Therapy Bracelet PeekWise

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