Teeth-Cleaning Dog Feeder Toy




Teeth-Cleaning Dog Feeder Toy




Product Description

Feeds & Cleans Your Pet's Teeth

This amazing Teeth-Cleaning Dog Feeder Toy provides entertainment, treats and good oral hygiene to your fur buddy all at the same time. Yes, it's an absolute triple-threat!

Teeth-Cleaning Dog Feeder Toy PeekWise


✔ This chew ball has built-in flexible "teeth" where you can wedge pet treats in. As your dog tries to get the treats out by using its mouth, the ball's own scrapes off the residue build-up between your dog's gums, much like when humans brush their teeth.

✔ As a chew toy, it deviates your pet's attention and energy from destructive behaviors and encourages bonding with the pet owner.

✔ It stimulates the dog's thinking and cognitive abilities to get the treats out of the ball.

✔ It's easy to clean. Just use mild soap and warm water to disinfect. You can use it with or without treats.

✔ Safe and non-toxic (BPA-Free), it's a chew toy built to last.


  • Made of non-toxic rubber. There are two sizes available:

Teeth-Cleaning Dog Feeder Toy PeekWise

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