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Children's GPS Smart Watch - PeekWise Children's GPS Smart Watch - PeekWise
Children's GPS Smart Watch $55.99 $80.00
THE SMARTEST WAY TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD! ⚠️ OVER 3 MILLION CHILDREN ARE REPORTED MISSING WORLDWIDE EVERY YEAR. 🚨 Do you want to keep your child safe? Our GPS Tracker Smart Watch is built to be your parenting partner. You can now allow your children the freedom to explore, while always knowing they are out of harm's way. SAFETY AT ALL TIMES Remote monitoring allows you to listen in at any point in time. The built in SOS button will allow your child to alert you in case of emergencies, instantly triggering phone calls to pre-set numbers and an SOS number. ACCURATE TRACKING Our Kids GPS Smart Watch will give you less to worry about, never having to experience that heart pounding, gut-wrenching feeling of wondering where your kid is. Perfect for when going to the theme parks or shopping malls. STAY IN TOUCH The built-in voice chat and voice messaging functionality allow easy check-ins and fuss free communication. You can even video call them with its camera! If they're not ready for a fully fledged smartphone yet, this watch is the perfect way to stay in touch. TRI-TRACKING GPS Our Smart Watch is trackable under extreme conditions. It uses a powerful GPS module (20m / 65ft accuracy), indoor WiFi positioning (10m / 33ft accuracy) and cell tower triangulation to help you stay connected at all times. CHILD-PROOF CONSTRUCTION IP67 Water Resistant, Dust Resistant and Shock-Proof. It was built to function in any environment. 3G/4G LTE TECHNOLOGY Our Children's GPS Tracker supports 3G and 4G LTE networks, and is compatible with both iOS and Android. Simply insert an active 3G or 4G SIM card from your local service provider to activate the smartwatch. HELPING PARENTS ALL AROUND THE WORLD Keep in touch throughout the day. Whether it’s a call to let them know you are running late or just a check-up to see if they've arrived at their friends house; our GPS Watch can give you peace of mind. This incredible little smart watch is the perfect parenting partner! Know Your Child is Safe: Combining GPS satellites with Google Maps, the Smart Watch updates your child's location every 6 minutes. Stay Ahead of Potential Trouble: Set up safe areas or boundaries and receive notifications when your child enters or leaves them. Keeps You Close to Your Child: Link up to 6 safe numbers that can call your child's watch and that your child can call using their watch's touchscreen. Voice chat and video chat capabilities allow you to contact your child with ease. This watch works just like a smartphone on training wheels. Perfect for children who aren't quite ready for a phone yet. Be There for Emergencies: Your child can send an SOS if they're ever in any danger. Pressing and holding the button for three seconds will send an SOS alert to the registered phone numbers associated with the watch. This alert provides the location of the watch along with a link to Google Maps so you can assist. If your child is ever lost, if they feel like they're in an unsafe situation, or have been approached by strange or unfamiliar people, now you can be there. Ensure a Safe Environment: there is a built-in microphone that can be remotely accessed via your app to listen in and make sure your child is not in a dangerous situation. Safety anytime, anywhere. Give Your Child Freedom and Space: Instead of being overbearing and constantly present, our monitoring platform allows you to give your child the space they need to grow while keeping an eye on them from the comfort of your home. Never Miss a Moment: The watch is IP67 water resistant, dust-proof and shock-resistant. That coupled with a 2-day battery life ensures you'll never miss a beat when it comes to protecting your child. SET UP IN 3 EASY STEPS KEY FEATURES ✅ Accurate Tracking. With a few simple steps, you can start tracking the movement of anyone wearing the watch. It also can send out an SOS distress signal at the same time as well as record your child's activity with a built-in pedometer. ✅ Make & Receive Calls and Messages. Set up to 3 SOS numbers! This watch can receive and send voice messages. It's just like a smartphone too but in a more compact and discreet version. It's also unlikely that they'll lose the watch because it's strapped on to them. ✅ Long Lasting Battery. Environment-friendly 400 mAh battery that lasts up to 48 hours (active) and 72 hours (standby). ✅ Fun Features. It's a Smart Watch too, which includes cool functions for kids like an interactive touchscreen display where they can practice reading time. It also has a built-in flashlight for extra visibility in the dark and a camera for quick capture mode. ✅ Electronic Fence. Easily set up a security range so when the child is beyond the safety zone, the watch will automatically send an alert to your phone/app. ✅ And more... Scratch-resistant tempered glass, alarm clock function, making friends function, block unknown numbers by default (except the ones in the Phone Book), tracking history (30 days), screen time parental control, class mode (silent), flashlight, etc. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Does it need a SIM card to function? A: Yes, it does. We strongly recommend a pre-paid 4G option for the most convenient and cost-effective setup. Please note the watch is technically a smartphone. This way you will be able to contact and track your child 24/7. Q: What kind of SIM card is compatible? A: It is compatible with Nano SIM cards so make sure you use the right one. You can use any carrier of your liking. Q: Can you make calls with the smart watch? A: Yes! It works just like a smartphone, so any active SIM card will allow voice calling. For video calling, please select the 4G model of the watch and pair with a 4G SIM card. Q: Are there any monthly fees? A: No monthly fees or hidden costs at all! Please check with your preferred carrier for cell phone plans. Ensure you get a new, independent phone number for the watch and NOT a "wearables" or "add-on" plan to an existing number. SPECIFICATIONS Band Material: Silica Gel Watch Material: BPA-Free ABS + silicone Display Size: 1.44 inch (128x128 resolution) Battery Capacity: 400mAh Battery type: Lithium battery SIM Card: Nano External Port: Micro USB 3.0 Device compatibility: Android 4.0 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher GSM/GPRS Frequency Bands: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 quad-band PACKAGE INCLUDES 🔥 LIMITED TIME ONLY! ⏲️ NOT SOLD IN STORES. GET YOURS TODAY! Child safety is a top priority. But we can't always guarantee 100% that our little kids are kept on a full lookout as they're generally active. In case of any sudden cases where they do get lost, we can easily take advantage of the technology we have now. Don't think twice, better safe than sorry.
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3D Universal Screen Amplifier - PeekWise 3D Universal Screen Amplifier - PeekWise
3D Universal Screen Amplifier $20.99 $35.00
Watching videos and movies on your phone has never been more comfortable! 📺✨ There's nothing better to do than enjoy movies with the family & friends. Whether you like TV shows or movies or just streaming online videos, our Universal Screen Amplifier will instantly boost your viewing experience! Specifically designed to fit all smartphones, it is easy to shrink and you can adjust the zoom to the full-screen state according to the size of different phones to improve the viewing experience. Suitable for use on various occasions — indoor, camping, journey, leisure, etc. Key Features: ✔ Smart Design: The genius telescopic design locks the light source and improves the brightness of the picture, preventing reflection of light or glare as well as no strain to the eyes! ✔ HD Magnification: The Phone magnifier can enlarge 3 ~ 5 times the phone screen and provide clear, crystal clear HD images, providing excellent watching experience. It can also be used as a traditional magnifying glass due to its large area for enlargement and is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to read books, read newspapers and news online. ✔ Universally Compatible: The screen magnifier is specifically designed to fit all smartphones, so whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, the magnifier projector screen is sure to work with your device. ✔ Compact & Portable: The screen magnifier is lightweight and portable and can be folded when not in use, so you can easily take it anywhere you go. No battery required! ✔ Wide Range of Uses: It works just like a phone projector screen and it is suitable for use on various occasions - indoor, camping, travel, leisure time, etc. ✔ Makes a Great Gift: Know someone who loves binge-watching shows or movies? This is the perfect gift for them! Specifications: Material: ABS, Acrylic Color: Black/White Magnifier frame: 18.5 x 14.5cm / 7.27 x 5.7in Magnifier lens: 16.5 x 10.5cm / 4.8 x 4.13in Weight: 125g / 4.41oz Get Yours Today! Click BUY IT NOW for the ultimate phone viewing experience!
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Christmas 3D Cartoon Deer Phone Case - PeekWise Christmas 3D Cartoon Deer Phone Case - PeekWise
Christmas 3D Cartoon Deer Phone Case $18.99 $25.00
🎅 Get into the spirit of Christmas with our unique cases 🎄 Are you ready to lighten up, have fun and stand out from everyone else this Christmas? Here's our Creative 3D Christmas Case for iPhone, a delightful way of keeping your device look unique, secure and protected at all times. Just snap it onto the case and you're good to go. The case hugs your phone, making it comfortable in your hand, with all the buttons and ports easily accessible. Made of high quality material and finished with a refreshingly original Christmas design. Available in many designs – it will protect the thing you can’t live without while keeping your look perfectly on point. Features: ✔ The 3D cute design gives your phone a lovely Christmas look 🎅 ✔ Compact, elegant and stylish, the case has a reinforced design to protect the key areas of your phone prone to damage ✔ Shockproof, Anti-Scratch and Drop-Resistant ✔ Soft and light weight, made of high grade TPU material ✔ Perfect as a gift for your family and friends Get Yours Today! 🤶 Make your iPhone an eye-catching Christmas Ornament!
Ultrasonic LED Bulb Air Humidifier - PeekWise Ultrasonic LED Bulb Air Humidifier - PeekWise
Ultrasonic LED Bulb Air Humidifier $28.99
An Aesthetically-Pleasing Light-Up Diffuser Dry air can cause a few respiratory ailments to both children and adults. Aim for a humidifier that will help you alleviate symptoms that also makes an interesting home display. Features: ✔️ Health Benefits. Humidifiers are known to help moisturize skin, hydrate chapped lips, ease snoring, lessen nosebleeds, and more. ✔️ Light Bulb Shape. This unique humidifier mimics the appearance of a light bulb. ✔️ LED-Capable. The humidifier light bulb emits light in 7 different colors. ✔️ Display. It doubles as a water globe when filled with water with palm trees and glossy stones inside that makes it a charming decor. ✔️ USB-Powered. Connect and charge it to your desktop or laptop computer or to a power bank. Specifications: Material: ABS, PP, and PET plastic Operating Time: 6 hrs Dimensions: 15.3 x 8.8 x 8.8 cm (~6.0 x 3.4 x 3.4 in) Weight: 232g (~0.5lb) Rated Power: 2W Rated Voltage: DC 5V Charge Current: 1A USB Charger Length: 1.5 meters Your Order Includes: 1 x Bulb Humidifier 1 Bag of Decorative Stones 1 x Instruction Manual Get Yours Today! The 400mL LED Bulb Humidifier is a one-of-a-kind humidifier that makes a good investment as it's good for your health and your home.
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Zen Yoga Pose Meditation Cat Figurine Zen Yoga Pose Meditation Cat Figurine
Zen Yoga Pose Meditation Cat Figurine $32.99 $57.99
Hilarious Zen Yoga Pose Cat Figurine sitting cross-legged and deep in meditation! Available in both Cat and Sphynx designs in Black, Gray and Brown. Meditation Buddha Cat Status for decorating your desk, garden, fireplace, shelves, cupboards, plants, dining table and more! Perfect for cat lovers who are Buddhist or into Yoga, Pilates and meditation! High quality and well made with individual whiskers and hand painted eyes and pink paw pads. Individually painted. Made of resin. Measures approx. 3.1in x 3.9in (8cm x 10cm) Looking for a kitty companions while doing Yoga? Place this adorable Yoga Meditation Cat statue next to you and instantly feel tranquil while you meditate or do yoga alongside of it. This little Buddha Cat with serene expression are to bring a smile to your face and hopefully inner peace as no matter who stressed out you are!
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Witch Demon Eye Hand Wall Hanger (Various colors) Witch Demon Eye Hand Wall Hanger (Various colors)
Witch Demon Eye Hand Wall Hanger (Various colors) $44.99 $79.99
Realistic Witch Demon Hand Hanger with a devil's eye on its palm strikes terror in the hearts of those who dare steal your jewelry! Available in black and gold. Doubles as halloween hanger for clothes, jewelry, glasses or just a terrifying wall decoration! Hang this devil's hand decoration on the wall or place it on the table. Makes a great gift for goth lovers, gamers and avid fantasy book readers. With metal plate on base for screw-in attachment to wall. Painstakingly painted by hand. Made of durable resin. One hanger per order. Measures 8.5inch x 5.3inch / 8.21.5cm x 13.5cm This creepy devil's hand with a realistic eye on it palm will send shivers down the spine of those who dare steal from you! Handmade with high quality durable resin and finished with exquisite details, the Witch Demon hand with long curved nails look as though it went through the wall to beckon the unsuspecting passers-by to its lair!
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Unicorn Plush Slippers Unicorn Plush Slippers
Unicorn Plush Slippers $38.99 $69.99
New Magical Unicorn Plush Slippers envelopes your feet in magical warmth! Available in various colors and sizes for both kids and adults! Super soft fur covering in whimsical rainbow hues with embroidered dreamy eyelashes and glittery horns! Made with great attention to details! Quality rubber anti-slip outsole! Thick 1" / 2.5cm foam insole. In need of some magic in your life? Slide your feet into the Magical Unicorn Plush Slippers and start firing off magical beams from the fabulous glittery horns.
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Squashed Cartoon Animal Coasters Squashed Cartoon Animal Coasters
Squashed Cartoon Animal Coasters $22.99 $39.99
Protect the delicate surfaces of your furniture with Squashed Cartoon Animal Coasters! Available in Tiger, Cat, Panda, Elephant, Squirrel, Sheep, Fox and many more designs! Unique gift for animal lovers that's bound to impress! Cartoon animal felt coasters absorb liquids better than cork or stone coasters. Doubles as adorable flattened animal bookmarks too! Works on both hot and cold drinks! 100% handmade from wool felt. Hand wash only. Lay flat to dry. Measures 4.3in-7.1in (11cm-18cm) NOTE: Handmade items. Please expect slight variations in colors and designs. Bring a smile to your face while drinking your favorite beverage with these thick absorbent cartoon animal drink coasters which not only look super cute, but also absorb drips, spills and condensation to preserve your furniture, tabletops and countertops! Larger than usual size at 4.3in-7.1in (11cm-18cm) ensures a fit for most cups or mugs! Place these adorable animal coasters underneath plant pots, or on the wall as decorative pieces!
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Upgraded LED Shoelaces Upgraded LED Shoelaces
Upgraded LED Shoelaces $22.99 $35.99
Next generation flexible fabric LED shoelaces are must-haves for raves, parties, night activities and more! Tie it like any regular shoelaces! Emits light throughout the entire shoelaces. Great for all kinds of shoes. Use it for night jogging, night biking, raves, parties, cosplay and other activities! On/Off switch. Three flash settings: constant, fast flash, slow flash. Replaceable batteries last approx. 70 hours. 4 x CR2032 lithium batteries (included). Approx. 3.93 ft (120cm). One size fits all. Made of high quality nylon rope. One pair of shoelaces per order. Guaranteed to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Use it on your biking or running shoes to keep yourself safe at night. Or jazz up your dressing and make your presence known for festivals, clubs, raves and discos!
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Umbrella Shaped Refillable Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier Umbrella Shaped Refillable Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier
Umbrella Shaped Refillable Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier $22.99 $39.99
Stylish Umbrella Shaped Refillable Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier that can be refilled with desiccant with a stopper at the tip for easy disposal of water. Available in Blue, Pink and Green. Hang them in the wardrobe, closet, cupboard or anywhere else which requires dehumidifying. Made of high-quality ABS plastic and calcium chloride beads. One umbrella shaped dehumidifier per order with a pack of desiccant. Approx. 9inch x 2.75inch / 23cm x 7cm Brighten up your closet with these eco-friendly Umbrella Shaped Refillable Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier! These brolly shape moisture absorbers come with a pack of desiccant each. Its uniquely designed removable handle allows you to refill moisture absorbing beads easily with a cute umbrella tip stopper for easy disposal of water!
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Soccer Football Shaped Stationery Holder Soccer Football Shaped Stationery Holder
Soccer Football Shaped Stationery Holder $22.99 $35.99
Soccer Football Shaped Stationery Holder doubles as a holder for toothbrushes, makeup brushes, cutlery and more! Available in Red and Black. Made with a stable base to prevent items from tipping over! Large capacity for storing up to 20 pencils! Perfect gift for soccer or football fans, coaches, teachers and both children and adults alike! Made of durable plastic. Measures 4.13in x 4.13in x 3.93in / 11cm x 11cm x 10cm Soccer Football Shaped Stationery Holder is the perfect organizer for keeping your desk neat and tidy! Unique design with multiple holes allows you to separately store makeup brushes so you could pick out your favorite brushes easily!
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Sex Dice Game for Adult Couple (Set of 6) Sex Dice Game for Adult Couple (Set of 6)
Sex Dice Game for Adult Couple (Set of 6) $22.99 $39.99
There's no better surprise to your lover with this hilarious Sex Dice Game! Roll the dices and make your partner "suffer" the consequences in this game of chance. With 6 dices to roll, the possibilities are endless! Spice up your sex life with Sex Dice Game for Adult Couple! Set of 6 different dices depicting different positions, locations and actions! Fun and sexy games for couples, partners, boyfriend, girlfriends, husband, wife and more! Comes in a black pouch to hide from prying eyes. Small and portable! Perfect toys for some discreet and sexy fun on your vacation! Set of 6 dices including storage pouch. Dice color may change, depending on availability. Made of high quality acrylic. Measures 0.71" / 1.8cm
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Shark Bite Plush Slippers Shark Bite Plush Slippers
Shark Bite Plush Slippers $44.99 $79.99
Watch your feet get swallowed in one big gulp with the Shark Bite Plush Slippers Available in Shark Bite & Plush Shark designs in Gray and Pink. Excellent attention to details with 3D fins and tails, embroidered eyes and gills, red fleshy mouth lined with jagged teeth! Perfect gifts for "Jaws" and "The Shallows" movie lovers Soft furry covering all around with thick 1" (2.5cm) foam insole and anti-slip bottom. One size fits US Size 6-9 / EU Size 36-42 / UK Size 4-8.5 (loose to snug fit) Measures approx. 11" (28 cm) in length Celebrate Shark Week and The Shallows with a jaws-dropping pair of handmade indoor shoes that add kick to your workwear. Whether you're circling the water cooler or swimming deep into boring meetings, you're sure to bring humor and style to any room with the outrageous Shark Bite Plush Indoor Slippers.
Rhinestone Furry Cat Ear Hair Pin Rhinestone Furry Cat Ear Hair Pin
Rhinestone Furry Cat Ear Hair Pin from $19.99 $31.99
Be elegant or cute with Rhinestone Furry Cat Ear Hair Pin! Available in Rhinestone Studded or Soft Furry designs in various colors! Perfect gifts for cat lovers, children and adults alike! Works on any hair styles! Each order contains one pair of ears (left and right) Measures 1.77" x 1.18" / 4.5cm x 3cm Accessorize your hair with this Rhinestone Furry Cat Ear Hair Pin! Large enough to hold your thick mane of glorious hair together while elegant rhinestone studded or cute soft furry kitty ears adds just the right touch of style to complement your outfit of the day!
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Retro Vinyl Record Bookends Retro Vinyl Record Bookends
Retro Vinyl Record Bookends $28.99 $49.99
What better way to keep your music records than with Retro Vinyl Record Bookends! Perfect gift for music lovers! Suitable for storing vinyl records, books, DVD's, video games and more! Measure 6.9in x 5.27in / 17.5 x 13.4cm One set (two pieces) per order. Made of sturdy EVA plastic. Put a spin on the storage of your well-loved albums with these vintage Retro Vinyl Record Bookends which keep your records upright and allows for easy grabbing whenever you want to throw a classic onto your turntable.
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Roaming Cat Shaped Hair Clip Roaming Cat Shaped Hair Clip
Roaming Cat Shaped Hair Clip $16.99 $27.99
Keep your hair in place with this elegant yet adorable Roaming Cat Shaped Hair Clip. Available in Silver or Gold to suit any hair color! Perfect gifts for cat lovers! Works on up-do, fringer Measures 2" x 2.8" / 52mm x 71mm Accessorize your up-do with this cute and elegant Roaming Cat Shaped Hair Clip! Large enough to hold your thick mane of glorious hair together while walking kitty adds just the right touch of style to complement your outfit of the day!
-44% sale
Realistic Witch Demon Claws Bookmark Realistic Witch Demon Claws Bookmark
Realistic Witch Demon Claws Bookmark $33.99 $59.99
Realistic Witch Demon Claws Bookmark looks just like a pair of terrifying devil's hands clawing his way out of your books! Perfect for halloween decoration. Doubles as bookends for your horror storybook or movie collection! Makes a great gift for goth lovers, gamers and avid fantasy book readers. Painstakingly painted by hand. Made of durable resin. One bookmark with double claws per order. Measures 3.54 x 3.54 x 4.72inch / 9 x 9 x 12cm Nothing screams spookiness better than a pair of menacing Witch Demon Claws Bookmark prying its way out of your horror story collection! Made from solid resin with a broad end, these devil hand claws bookmark could be placed between pages or used as bookends for your Stephen King's books!
-44% sale
Rechargeable Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie Rechargeable Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie
Rechargeable Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie $44.99 $79.99
Rechargeable Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie with built-in speakers and mic allows you to chat or listen to music while on the go! Ideal for runners, labourers, skiers and drowning out the morning chit chat at the bus stop Syncs to your phone in seconds with bluetooth 5.0. Dual dynamic speakers and microphone. High capacity rechargeable polymer lithium battery provides approx. 60 hours standby and 6 hour usage time. One size fits most, unless you're Queen of Hearts. 10 metres connectivity range. USB cable included. Plug it into your laptop or pc to charge. Machine washable. Remove bluetooth device before washing! The Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie is all you need in your life. A hat to keep your head warm and Bluetooth, because everything is better with Bluetooth. This cosy gadget contains built-in speakers and mic allows you to listen to your music on the go or chat with your friends while adjusting the volume or switching songs without any fiddly wires getting in the way. The Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie has two speakers and microphone hidden inside the hat with sound quality that can rival some overpriced high street headphones.
-45% sale
Realistic Hanging Cat Hand Towels Realistic Hanging Cat Hand Towels
Realistic Hanging Cat Hand Towels $40.99 $73.99
Bury your face into the soft absorbent Hanging Cat shaped Hand Towels! Available in Calico Cat, British Short-hair, Black Cat, Dragon Li, Tabby Cat and Orange Tabby designs! Well made with realistic details such as whiskers over the eyes shown! Snap buttons on cat's paws hold the towel in place on any towel rack. A conversation starter in any bathroom! Perfect gift for cat lovers! Made of nylon and polyester. Measures 20.5" x 5.9" / 52cm x 15cm One hand towel per order. Cat-shaped face towels will be a pawsome addition to your bathroom especially if your precious kitty is one of these breeds! These long kitty shaped towels come in six popular cat designs (Calico Cat, British Short-hair, Black Cat, Dragon Li, Tabby Cat and Orange Tabby), look realistic to boot and are so adorable hanging on your towel rod!
-44% sale
Pufferfish Shaped Cocktail Glass With Glass Straw Pufferfish Shaped Cocktail Glass With Glass Straw
Pufferfish Shaped Cocktail Glass With Glass Straw $44.99 $79.99
Pufferfish Shaped Cocktail Glass - Dive into Delightful Drinking Experience! Indulge in the sea-inspired charm of our handmade Pufferfish Shaped Cocktail Glass. This delicate stemmed cocktail glass features an adorable blowfish design with intricate fugu spikes, cute lips, and fins, adding a touch of marine life to your drinks. Whether you're hosting beach-themed parties, Halloween events, or just looking for a conversation starter, this beautifully made piece of art is sure to be the talk of your bar or party. Made of high-quality food-grade borosilicate glass, it's not only eye-catching but also functional. It's great for holding whiskey, vodka, cocktails, wine, desserts, and more, making it a versatile addition to your glassware collection. Each order includes one cocktail glass with a glass straw, providing you with a delightful drinking experience. With a capacity of approximately 6.6oz / 195ml, it's perfect for sipping your favorite beverages in style. This unique Pufferfish Shaped Cocktail Glass with its saucy lips and intricate spikes and fins has a small opening near the back for someone to drink straight from or to insert a straw into. Place a few of these decorative blowfish cocktail glasses at your bar and be ready to hear your guests bellowing with excitement about them. **Perfect gift for beach lovers, gardeners, and anyone who enjoys a good drink! Dive into a delightful drinking experience with this unique glass!**

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