LED Faucet Color Changing Light

$16.99 $20.00 -16% OFF

LED Faucet Color Changing Light

$16.99 $20.00 -16% OFF
Product Description

Color-Changing Water Is More Fun

Lights in any room are standard but rainbow-lights on flowing water is magical! And you can have that same whimsicality in your home when you get this Color Changing Faucet.

LED Faucet Color Changing Light PeekWise


  • Made of ABS chrome material, this faucet emits mainly the colors red, green, and blue and operates through water pressure and automatically closes along with the water.
  • It fits most water faucets so you can install this in different faucets you have in your home. In total, the device emits 7 different colors.
  • It's a durable accessory that's corrosion resistant and would last long. Your bathroom and kitchen would never be the same again with beautiful lighted water coming out of your faucets.
  • It does not affect the quality of water nor does it alter the taste and smell.
  • Specifications:

    • Attachment measures at 34 x 24mm (fits most faucets!).

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    Whether you are searching for a new way to make your home stick out or just need to replace an old tap, this LED Faucet Light is the one for you.

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