High Pressure Single Blast Water Gun



High Pressure Single Blast Water Gun



Product Description


If you are looking for the most powerful water gun in the world, you have come to the right place.

This is the first mechanical water gun with single blast technology that lets you shoot powerful, individual water blasts.

Reload and repressurize at any water source in seconds!

Next-Level Water Gun - Epic Water Battles!

There are tons of products on the market, some are weak, most are cheap and all of them are boring. This is ridiculously powerful high-tech beast of a water gun that changes everything.

Single Blast Technology

A stream of water is so 1996. With this water gun, you get 18 powerful individual water blasts before reloading. That means every time you pull the trigger, you don't release a stream of water, but an individual and coherent single blast of water.

Thanks to our water gun's patented laminar flow technology, this blast stays together and hits precisely where it was aimed at.

PressureTech Refil

Find a water source to reload – refill and repressurize in just a few seconds. Or even faster if you put some muscle into it.

Reloading becomes part of the gaming experience and can be used strategically as this is when players are momentarily defenseless against a potential sneak attack.

Tactical Tank Indicator

Stay on top of your game! Check the fill status of your water pistol at any time on the tank indicator. Every blast you fire will drain your remaining tank a little.

Not sure if you have enough blasts left to go into full charge mode? Check your tank indicator and you know exactly how much water is left. While reloading, you will see it going back up until it reaches 100%.

Single Blast with Long Range

Conventional water guns shoot puny water streams; our patented technology lets you shoot individual and coherent water blasts, which have a target range of 9m (30ft).

Once they are shot, they will hit precisely what you aimed at. Water battles will never be the same.

More power, more precision. Every match now is an intense shoot-out full of charging, retreating, dodging and plenty of cinematic epicness.

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What makes it the world’s strongest water gun?

It allows you to fire pressurized individual water blasts at your opponents, which means a it shots individual blasts of water that hit exactly what you were aiming at. The German patented technology stands for superior power and accuracy.

But it doesn't stop there. It brings its own pump that can reload right there in the midst of battle. As long as your team has access to water, you never have to surrender.

Due to laminar fluid mechanics, these blasts have a power and precision never seen before in a water gun. You can actually feel the recoil with every blast.

This changes the game forever and a team sport is born. You can seek cover when blasts are exploding all around you, you can dodge them if you are fast, but most importantly, you need to work together as a team in order to defeat your opponents.

Is it worth the hype?

It features our signature Single Blast technology – every time you pull the trigger, a powerful and coherent water blast will be fired at your befuddled opponents.

Further to that, it doesn't have a battery and doesn't need charging – you just need two good arms and it is ready to go when you are. With the Pressure Tech, reloading is also a walk in the park as long as you find a water source.

Accordingly, orders for this item have been rushing through like crazy! There is limited availability and this special price offer may be taken down at any moment!

Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND, please allow at least 10-15 days for delivery.

Get Yours Now!

Leave your old and silly water guns in the kindergarten where they belong and finally step up your game.

Be prepared for super fast water blasts that explode all around you. Water gun battles will never be the same.

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