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Heat-Powered Stove Fan - PeekWise Heat-Powered Stove Fan - PeekWise
Heat-Powered Stove Fan $72.99 $100.00
Efficiently Distribute Heat Throughout Your Room A Once-in-a-Lifetime Purchase Do you have a chilly corner or two in your home despite your wood stove pumping out heat? 🥶 Then get this quiet, simple, and ingenious device to immediately reduce the chill in your house, and maximize your home comfort for the cold season. This stove fan is powered by transforming heat into energy, without using any battery or electricity. Specially designed for wood stoves, this fan multiplies the effectiveness of your wood stove by circulating its surrounding hot air all around your home, with zero inconvenience for you. Features: ✔ Keep Warm. Reduce the winter chill in your house by spreading the warming heat of your stove much farther — and all without needing any effort on your part! ✔ Heat-Powered. The heat-powered electric fan spreads heat more widely in your living spaces with complete, automatic ease. No batteries, no turning on or off, no annoying cords, no worry for power outages! ✔ Silent. Quietly moves warm air from the stove top — almost zero noise. ✔ Efficient. Based on a phenomenon known as the Seebeck effect, the fan uses thermocouple technology to generate an electrical current by exploiting the temperature difference between the stove top and the ambient air. That means up to 28% less wood use! ✔ Eco-friendly. It costs nothing to operate as it uses the energy source already coming off your stove. No batteries or electricity required. ✔ Automatic. It turns on once the base of the fan reaches 140°F (60°C), so any surface (or any kind of stove) that reaches this temperature will power the fan, with the hotter the surface resulting in higher fan speed. ✔ Safe. Built-in, automatic overheat protection keep your fan from getting accidentally damaged when you stove gets hot. ⚠️ THIS PRODUCT IS A LIMITED PRODUCTION AND IS NOT AVAILABLE IN LOCAL STORES. WILL SELL OUT FAST! Frequently Asked Questions: "How does this work? Is it magic?" No, it's physics! This fan uses an innovative thermo-electric device to generate electricity directly from heat to run the fan. The electrical energy is generated from the thermal energy flowing through the device from the bottom (hot) portion of the fan stand to the top (fan-cooled) portion of the stand. The effect was discovered in the early 1800s and while it is used rarely today, wood stoves offer a uniquely large source of thermal energy, making powering a wood stove fan a perfect situation for the technology. But most of all — regardless of how it works — it is effective! "I don't have a wood stove. Will this work with my pellet, coal, barrel, propane, etc. stove?" Yes, it will! The fan works on any surface that gets hot enough to cause it to generate power for the fan motor. The base of the fan just needs to get to around 140°F (60°C) to move significant air, though the hotter it gets, the more powerful the fan rotation will be. If the design of your stove is such that it produces a hot surface on which the fan can be set, it will work great! If you have a grate, insulation, multiple layers on the top surface, it is less likely to be a good option, but you could try to measure surface temp (eg, drip a drop of water on it at full temperature to see if it boils would be one easy way) to see if it's a good solution. "Does this fan sit on top of stove? I see a wire hanger." This does indeed sit on top of the stove. The wire piece is simply a handle. "Where do you install this item? Does it go down the stove pipe or somewhere else?" No installation is needed! Simply put on top of your wood stove and it will blow out heated air into the room. "Can I use this fan on a wood pellet stove? " This product has a fairly wide operating temperature range of 140°F - 662°F / 60°C - 350°C. As such, it can indeed be used on a pellet stove, as long as the top surface of the chassis achieves the minimum temperature. Depending on the size and design of the stove, this may or may not be the case. "Can this fan be used in the fireplace or a direct vent gas stove?" This fan is designed for use upon a wood stove or wood insert. Specifications: Material: Anodizing Aluminum Colour: Black Size: 8.8 x 7.1in | 18 x 22.3cm (Height x Width) CFM: 180-210 Speed: 1100rpm Blades: 4 Noise: ≤25dB Start Temperature: 140°F / 60°C Working Temperature Range: 140°F - 662°F / 60°C - 350°C No installation required - comes complete and ready to use. Get Yours Today! This is a uniquely effective and convenient technology that can increase further the eco-friendliness, economics and value of your stove or indoor heat source. 📣 UPDATE: Low Stock Remaining! Orders for this product have been rushing through like crazy! There is limited availability and this special price offer may be taken down at any moment! Get yours while you can!
Baby Groot Flower Pot - PeekWise Baby Groot Flower Pot - PeekWise
Baby Groot Flower Pot $28.99
Lovely and Cute This cute Baby Groot is the flower pot you ever wanted. It has a hole in its head so you can put your pens and markers in or anything as you can also use it as a flower pot. It also has a hole for plants root to grow down the bottom. This planter pot is surely a must-have for Guardians of the Galaxy fans! Features: The Baby Groot Planter Pot planter is a highly detailed plant pot in the shape of Baby Groot from the hit Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot can grow flowers on his body at will and this is the closest merchandise that stands true to Groot’s characteristics. Obviously, this unique and very cute planter is ideal for displaying houseplants, but the Baby Groot Pot is useful in so many other ways. This adorable Groot Flowerpot looks incredible by itself as a desk ornament. You can enhance his appearance by giving him a bloomed plant or grass to wear as a hat, or by letting him hold a few pens and markers at your desk! Realistic reduction film modeling, with practical function, can be used for decoration, flowerpot, and pen-holder. The bottom of the hollow is more stable, and there is a small hole under the flowerpot so that the extra water in the flowerpot will leak out in time. Specifications: Premium Quality: Made of high-quality PVC material, which is safe and non-toxic. Size: 14 x 9 x 8 cm / 5.51 3.54 3.14 in. Multi-Purpose Use: the flowerpot can also be used as a pencil holder, a fun decoration for the home, garden, patio, office or car and so on. Perfect Gift: This Groot Action Figure Flowerpot is popular among people in special days like Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, etc, making it a great gift for kids, your friends, parents or lovers.
-24% sale
Invisible Lift-Up Stick Bra - PeekWise Invisible Lift-Up Stick Bra - PeekWise
Invisible Lift-Up Stick Bra $22.99 $30.00
The Secret Behind Perfect Curves The Invisible Lift-Up Bra helps women of all shapes and sizes reach their desired look. The adhesive tape with professional fitting offers ultimate support to lift up your breasts and to create natural cleavage. The result is a perky, full, and busty look that will give all women the confidence to wear any outfit. Made of medical-grade material, they are guaranteed to be skin-friendly, breathable and not to cause any redness. They stick to your boobs well without falling off yet it is easy to remove them. The well-hidden feature allows you to wear various outfits even V-neck collar tops. A True Lift up Experience with the Braless Feel of Invisible Lift-Up Bra Get a smooth look while holding and enhancing the shape of your breast using our Deep V Invisible Lift-Up Bra! Gives your breast sexy lift and leaves no trace on removing. An amazing alternative to plus size strapless bras or plus size push up bras, as Invisible Lift-Up Bra comes in 3 different variants that fit any woman with cup size between A-H. It's different sizes work well for small to the large breast. Adds a sweet lift to the women with a small breast for a perkier appearance. Makes the life of women with larger breast a lot simpler, as it holds the bulky breast well enough and adds a beautiful firm shape to them. Suitable for wearing any deep v-neck or low-cut, see-through outfits. If yes is the answer to any of the questions below, you should definitely grab this best coverage Deep V Rabbit Bra. 1. Does your stick on bra barely sticks on your chest and doesn't push your twins together or lift them up? Gone are the days when you have to worry about your breast not looking fuller using the bra tapes or ordinary stick-on bras. Our Invisible Lift-Up Bra creates a visible lift in the bust area giving your boobs a lovelier and perkier appearance. It's cute rabbit ears don't let your breast appear saggy/small and pushes them up. 2. Are you afraid that your stick on bra might fall off at some point for they are not sticky enough? However, that's not the issue with this Strapless Push-Up Bra. It stays tight on the breast even with dancing activities and stretching movements. Keeps you comfortable and tension free. Sticks well and good enough to use it over and over again if taken care of properly. 3. Does your stick on bra offer a painless removal from the nipple area? The removal of this Invisible Breast Lifting Sticker is painless and it doesn't rip off your soft and sensitive nipples. These are made thoughtfully with an opening in the sticky part for the nipples to stay secure. 4. Do you think of whether you have a perfect bra to fit in those low cut dresses that caught your eyes? With our Breast Lift Pasties, you can wear any strapless, backless, Bardot, tube or wedding dresses, deep V-neck, swimsuits, etc. Wear anything you want without having to think about what type of bra to wear it with. 5. Does your stick on bra cause itching and irritation in your breast? Does it feel sweaty and then losing its hold due to moisture? Our Reusable Nipple Cover is made with skin-friendly and medical-grade silicone that does not cause skin irritation. It's also sweat-proof with the tiny holes in the curve to let the moisture breath out. 6. Does your stick on bra lose its stickiness after multiple uses? Use this Breast Lift Invisible Bra over and over again with strong stickiness. Follow the care instructions below to maintain it's stickiness over time. 7. Would it be convenient for you to cut down your stick on bra according to your dress coverage? Yes, you heard it right! You can scale down these Sticky Breast Lift Tape by cutting down the rabbit ears up to three different marks according to the deep cut appearance of your dresses. 8. Would you like to have a bra with an invisible design, delicate bra-less feeling? You would barely notice this Push-Up Bra to be on. It's thin edge and thicker padding in the center provides a natural or invisible look even under sheer clothing and pumps up your boobs for a beautiful lift. Specifications: Material: 70% nylon, 20% cotton, 10% silica gel Size Chart:
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PetPedicure® Electric Painless Pet Nail Clipper - PeekWise PetPedicure® Electric Painless Pet Nail Clipper - PeekWise
PetPedicure® Electric Painless Pet Nail Clipper $19.99 $30.00
Stress-Free Nail Trimming! If you're worried about trimming your pet's nails for fear of hurting them or cutting them too short then fear no more! This revolutionary, no-mess, no-pain nail trimmer for dogs/cats is exactly what you've been waiting for! ✔ No Mess: revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat. It's the newest and fastest way to keep your pet's nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess! ✔ No Pain: now you can easily trim your pet's nails anywhere without the pain caused by traditional nail clippers. ✔ Precision Filing: precision every filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail to leave your pet's paws touchably soft and your home safe from scratches. ✔ Worry-Free: unique protective cap allows only the perfect amount of nail to be removed and contains all the filings so there's no mess! ✔ Battery Powered: 2 x AA batteries (not included). Imagine all the time and money you'll save by not having to visit the pet clinic just to have your pet's nails trimmed! Material Plastic Size 17.5 x 2.2cm (6.9 x 0.86in) Package Includes 1 x Nail Clippers | 3 x Nail File
Teeth Cleaning Dog Toothbrush & Chew Toy - PeekWise Teeth Cleaning Dog Toothbrush & Chew Toy - PeekWise
Teeth Cleaning Dog Toothbrush & Chew Toy from $18.99 $22.00
A Chew Toy That "Brushes" Dog Teeth Stress-free for dogs and effortless for pet parents, this natural rubber dental chewing brush will get your dog to clean his own teeth. Designed to let your dog chew instinctively and enjoy the feeling, so it becomes an easy tooth cleaning routine. It is especially good for cleaning hard to reach back molars. Watch your dog bite and play the plaque away! Features: ✔ Made of safe rubber material that's harmless to humans and pets. ✔ With built-in "bristles and bumps that cleans teeth and massages gums while your dog chews on this toy. ✔ Made to last as it can take on the abuse of daily chewing. ✔ The stick or bar design allows your dog to easily bite and grip it with its teeth as his jaw strength is also improved. ✔ Provides your dog the entertainment and better option to chew on and may help deviate attention from destroying furniture. World's Most Effective Dog Toothbrush Tips: First let your dog get used to biting the brush for several uses, before adding toothpaste into the top reservoir. Do not add toothpaste onto the bristles, because they might just lick it off. Each dog is a bit different and has unique chewing behaviors. Some dogs will need some extra help to start brushing. Use the following instructions to help build a positive daily brushing routine, only if your dog does not easily take to brushing: Add peanut butter, toothpaste, or favorite treat into the Top Reservoir. Encourage them to bite and play by waving the brush in front of them. Once your dog starts chewing, even for a short time, be sure to use clicker or praise, and give them a treat. Repeat daily, until this becomes a routine. Made from Natural Rubber: Natural Rubber is made from latex that is sourced from para rubber trees, which is also known to reduce carbon dioxide in the air and helps maintaining the carbon balance in the atmosphere. Is it Non Toxic & Eco-Friendly? Since it comes entirely from a natural source, natural rubber does not contain any petroleum, heavy metals or cancer triggering chemicals. Natural rubber biodegrades down to its basic elements without causing any environmental damage.
Mini Keychain Knife With Sheath Cover Mini Keychain Knife With Sheath Cover
Mini Keychain Knife With Sheath Cover from $22.99 $39.99
Handmade with stainless steel and real solid wood, this tiny Keychain Knife comes in handy for opening boxes and letter or cutting tags! Available in various knife and chopper designs with matching sheath cover. Doubles as a pendant for the manliest man too! Use it as a letter opener, scissors, fingernail cleaner, thread cutter, box opener or even as a last line of defence against a pack of wild cats! Perfect as a backup tool in case of emergencies. Made of 3Cr13 grade stainless steel which is commonly used in survival kit and solid wood handle for ultimate durability All knives come with faux leather knife sheath with button closure. Measures 1.65" / 4.2cm: Blade Length: 0.83" / 2.1cm Handle Length: /0.7" / 1.8cm This Mini Keychain Knife With Sheath Cover can be placed with your keys discreetly and provides you with an emergency cutter for all situations, or a last-minute weapon to protect yourself against imagined threats! Makes a great gift as a miniature knife to kids who loves cooking miniature dishes.
Elephant Plush Toy Pillow - PeekWise Elephant Plush Toy Pillow - PeekWise
Elephant Plush Toy Pillow $28.99
So Cute and Huggable! 😍 This lovely Elephant Plush Toy Pillow is ideal for babies, toddlers and children of all ages. Even adults who are kids at heart are sure to fall in love! It makes the perfect prop for baby's month to month photo shoot and looks delightful when displayed in the nursery room. Features: Multi-Functional: it can be used as a plush toy and warm doll as well as a soft cushion when you lean on your coach. 100% high quality short plush made, stuffed with eco-green material, super soft, good touch feeling, easy to take care of and no fading, lint-free and always keep in shape. Friendly & Safe: the Plush Elephant Toy is filled with environment friendly material (PP cotton). When your kids snuggle on it ,you won't need to worry if it will be harmful. This Adorable Elephant Plush Toy Pillow makes a perfect baby shower gift, birthday present or keepsake and is available in an array of soft, lovely colors! Specifications: Size: 40cm (15.7in) Material: 100% Premium Cotton Care instructions: Machine wash, warm 104 F (40°C), delicate cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry, low temperature. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Hand wash and sun dry is recommended.
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Glute & Pelvic Muscle Trainer - PeekWise Glute & Pelvic Muscle Trainer - PeekWise
Glute & Pelvic Muscle Trainer $38.99 $60.00
Strengthens Thighs and Buttocks Want an effective way to tone, strengthen, and enhance your buttocks area? Then look no further! Simply use the Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer & Inner Thigh Exerciser for 15 minutes a day to see noticeable results that just might drop a few jaws at the beach or your next night out! Why You Should Get this Trainer ✔️ Resistance Training. The device offers resistance training which is a very effective form of exercise when done regularly. ✔️ Easy to Use. As with resistance trainers, this tool is placed and pressed between the thighs. ✔️ Loose and Gain. It compliments certain exercises to both trim fat and build muscle around the necessary areas. ✔️ Portable. The compact device is also lightweight so you can bring it anywhere from your home, office, hotel room, and more. How It Works Simply place the trainer between your legs, then squeeze the pair of steel plates with the force coming from your abdominal muscles, pelvis and thighs. Repeat for 15 minutes. Durable Construction Made of high-grade material that withstands continuous usage. Specifications: Material: ABS, steel Weight: 1kg (2.2lbs) Your Order Includes 1 x Pelvic & Glute Muscle Trainer Get Yours Today The Glute & Pelvic Muscle Trainer is the best exercise device to date that you can use to tone your butt. Imagine your friends and family wondering your little known secret to achieving a brand new, aesthetic look!
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Smart Wireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder Charger - PeekWise Smart Wireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder Charger - PeekWise
Smart Wireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder Charger $38.99 $70.00
Every family needs The Latest Wireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder Charger Protect your family’s driving safety. Features: Infrared Auto-sensing & Single-handed Operation: When putting the phone near to the infrared auto-sensing area of car phone holder, the width of holder can be flexibly adjusted to hold phones of size from 4.0"-6.0" automatically. Strong Suction Cup & Adjustable Viewing: You have multiple installations of the wireless car charger holder, the fully 360-degree rotation allows for optimum viewing and easier use of functions. 10W Fast Charging: Adopts high charging efficiency upgraded independent coil, Qi wireless fast charging provides up faster charge than most wireless car chargers mounts in the market. lntelligent Finding the car: Our car wireless charger comes with the intelligent car search function. Use your mobile phone scan and download the iPark APP in the manual, which makes you can find your car easily through APP. Air Vent Phone Holder Mount: Compared with windshield or dashboard mount, the air vent mount is much easier for you to reach the phone in the car and causes less distraction during driving.No Tools Needed. Applications: You can securely install this phone holder on almost any vehicles air vents with a hassle-free mounting that is managed in seconds, with absolutely no tools required Quality material: Anti-scratch & anti-slip rubber material base padding for a secure and safe grip, allowing for a worry-free trip. Compatible Devices: 10W Fast Charging Model (QC 3.0 Car Charger is required): Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10+/S10e /S9 Plus/S9/S8 Plus/S8/S7/S7 Edge; Note 9/ 8/7 7.5W Fast Charging Model (QC 3.0 Car Charger is required): iPhone Xs/ Xs Max/ XR/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus 5W Standard Charging Model: Samsung S6/S6 Edge, Note 5 and another Qi-enabled smartphone. Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Google Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL, LG V30/G7 are at the 5W Qi spec that serves as the base Qi charging speed, so it is standard wireless charging at 5W/1A. Because they have original charger if you want to get the fastest wireless charging speeds when using those phone. ("Charging slowly" will display.) Please Note: For phones that do not support wireless charging, please use the wireless charging receivers.
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Reusable Female Urination Device Reusable Female Urination Device
Reusable Female Urination Device $18.99 $29.99
Travel urinal for ladies when toilets are not readily available or too dirty to be used. Perfect for outdoor trips, hiking, camping, parties, festivals or any activities where there are no restrooms in sight and discreet peeing is required. Also great for patients recovering from surgeries which make it tough to sit down. Discreet, spill-proof & easy to use - just press and go. Completely hygienic and reusable. Made of soft, flexible silicone which is firm enough to not collapse while in use, or cause leakage or aiming issues. Portable and lightweight, just throw this into your bag and take it anywhere you like. Ladies rejoice! Now you can finally pee standing up! No more uncomfortable squatting over unsanitary toilets or holding it in while you wait desperately for the next available restroom! The Reusable Female Urination Device allows women of all ages to urinate in a standing up, sitting down or lying position without undressing. It's a must-have item for backpacking, camping, hunting, long car rides or any outdoor activities where a toilet is not readily available.
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Reusable Silicone Food Wrap (Set of 4) PeekWise Reusable Silicone Food Wrap (Set of 4) PeekWise
Reusable Silicone Food Wrap (Set of 4) $13.99 $19.99
Keep Your Food Fresh and Eco-Friendly! Tired of wasteful cling film and aluminum foil? Make the environmentally-conscious choice with our Reusable Silicone Food Wrap! Say goodbye to single-use plastics and embrace a greener way to store and preserve your food. These versatile silicone wraps provide an air-tight seal around any container, keeping your food fresh and your kitchen mess-free. Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen Essential Reusable and Versatile: Each set comes with 4 silicone food wraps in varying sizes, perfect for containers, bowls, mugs, pots, pans, cut fruits, canned drinks, and more. Reduce waste and save money with these eco-friendly wraps! Air-Tight Seal: Simply push down on the wrap before closing to create a vacuum-sealed environment, ensuring your food stays fresher for longer and preventing messy leaks and spills. Food-Safe and BPA-Free: Your health is our top priority. These wraps are made of BPA-free, food-safe silicone that doesn't leach harmful chemicals into your food. Convenient and Practical: Our silicone wraps are not just for storage! Use them as anti-slip placemats or lift one corner to allow steam release before microwaving. Dishwasher, Freezer, and Microwave Safe: These wraps are designed for your convenience. Easily clean them in the dishwasher, freeze leftovers for future use, and even use them in the microwave for quick reheating. Measurements: Small: 4" x 4" / 10cm x 10cm (1 piece included) Medium: 6" x 6" / 15cm x 15cm (2 pieces included) Large: 8" x 8" / 20cm x 20cm (1 piece included) Join the Eco-Friendly Revolution Take the first step towards a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. With our Reusable Silicone Food Wrap, you'll not only reduce plastic waste but also keep your food fresh for longer, ultimately saving you money. Join the eco-friendly revolution and make a positive impact on the environment with every use! Order Now and Embrace Sustainability! Make a difference for your kitchen and the planet! Get your set of Reusable Silicone Food Wrap now and experience the convenience, freshness, and eco-friendliness that will revolutionize the way you store and preserve your food. GET YOURS NOW!
Giant Penis Long Pillow Bolster Cushion Giant Penis Long Pillow Bolster Cushion
Giant Penis Long Pillow Bolster Cushion from $33.99 $59.99
Introducing the Gigantic Penis Long Pillow Bolster Cushion - everyone's favorite phallus in an even bigger and longer size! Available from 1ft (30cm) to 3.3ft (100cm) and in light and dark colored skin tones! Super long, thick and weirdly cuddly... With an adorable smiley face to brighten your day or night! Use this dick pillow cushion in place of the boyfriend that you never had, or the one IRL who's currently away! Mind you, it goes up to 3.3ft (100cm) long and is the only penis which should be soft and furry! Must-have gift for bridal shower, bachelorette parties, gag gifts to boyfriend, girlfriend, comfort cushion for lonely souls on Valentine's Day, or even a house warming gift for an annoying prick. Not recommended for the faint-hearted! Highly recommended for those with a weird sense of humor! A giant cuddly Penis Cushion Long Pillow in the shape of a giant dick packs some frankly obscene girth and length! This dick bolster goes up to nearly 3.3 feet (1 metre) long and has an adorable smiley face to brighten your day or night! Keep this penis pillow on your bed when you need some love during those cold and lonely nights and wrap both your arms and legs around it for extra warmth!
Carrot Pen Carrot Pen
Carrot Pen $10.99
Pen shaped like a juicy carrot! Perfect gift for carrot lovers, rabbit pet owners, farmers, teachers and just about anyone with a sense of humor! Black ink. Includes pen cap to prevent ink from drying out All pens are tested for ink before release for shipping. Writing point: 0.5mm Approx. 6" / 15.3 cm Zootopia Judy Hopps would love to have this pen as her own! Think of all the things you can do with your very own Carrot Pen. You can take notes, write a message, make a to-do list, doodle or just simply admire your cool pen.
-43% sale
Bird Shaped Cocktail Glass Bird Shaped Cocktail Glass
Bird Shaped Cocktail Glass $30.99 $53.99
Bird Shape Cocktail Glass features an delicate stemmed cocktail glass in a whimsical bird shape design! Add a touch of rustic country style to your drinks, Halloween and any theme parties! Beautifully made piece of art that is sure to be the talk of your bar or party where it is served! Great for holding whiskey, Vodka, cocktails, wine, desserts and more! Perfect gift for bird lovers, gardeners and just about anyone who enjoys a good drink! Made of high quality food grade borosilicate glass. Holds approx. 5oz / 150ml Measures 6.7" / 17cm This unique Bird Shaped Cocktail Glass has a small opening near the back for someone to drink straight from or to insert a straw into. Perch a few of these decorative stemmed glasses at your bar and be ready to hear your guests chirping with excitement about them.
-56% sale
Barefoot Stick On Slippers Barefoot Stick On Slippers
Barefoot Stick On Slippers $8.99 $19.99
Revolutionary product for those who enjoy the feeling of being barefooted on water, sand, pavement or even rocks! Waterproof, anti-slip, protective and stretchable. Just stick it on your feet and peel them off at the end of the day. Manufactured under CE and ISO certified production standards! Uses hypoallergenic certified adhesive. Environmentally-friendly, breathable, elastic and recyclable. Great for beach, swimming pool, spa, grass, parks, pavement and more! Unisex. One pair can last up to 24 hours, subject to actual usage scenario. NOTE: Do not use on wounds. Clean and dry feet before applying. Size Chart: S: EU Size 32-35, US Size 3-4.5, 21.5cm M: EU Size 36-39, US Size 5-8, 23cm L: EU Size 40-43, US Size 8.5-11.5, 24.5cm What if you could run freely without any shoes on, feeling the fine sand sieve through your toes or the soft grass underneath your feet...and not having to worry about heat, dirt or rough surfaces?! Barefoot Stick On Slippers are the perfect stick-on foot pads for beach, pool, parks and more! Now you could walk around on your naked feet without having to worry about remembering where your slippers are!
Original Anti-Stress Fidget Cube Original Anti-Stress Fidget Cube
Original Anti-Stress Fidget Cube $13.99
Every Stress Cube comes with six dynamic fidget features, Switch, Flow, Swivel, Compress, Soothe and Twist. Each feature is specially designed to settle uneasiness and keep you focused and stress free. Switch allows you to turn on your attention and flip off stress. Flow is the joystick of focus letting you glide into attention. Swivel lets you spin life and dial into your desires. Compress lets you silently or loudly release stress and press on the motivation. Soothe gives you time to breath, reduce the anxiety, and wish your worries away. Twist gives you the gears and balls to roll with the punches and click into focus. Highlights: Can be used at the office, while commuting, in class, while studying, in a meeting or while watching TV Comes in 5 different colors Makes a great gift Comes with a life-time warranty
Bluetooth Key Finder - Your modern key searcher Bluetooth Key Finder - Your modern key searcher
Bluetooth Key Finder - Your modern key searcher $15.99
No more playing hide and seek with your valuables! All your energy to look for and ransack your house for any little object or important object are saved as house keys can be easily traced back with the help of this key finder. It is not only limited to holding keys but also other small things that can be tucked in its small hole. This device makes a blend of modern technology and daily usage. One can effortlessly make use of this device without any prior knowledge or technical details. Its applications are varied. Features: Works with the help of an app installed on your mobile phone One can easily track the lost components attached to this holder Saves the time and energy otherwise required to locate any small object that is lost It is a triangular simple holder which can be attached to any other objects as well Attach the Key Finder to your frequently misplaced items such as keys, phone, wallet, etc. Available in different colors Specifications: Available Colors: Pink, Green, Black, White Size: Small Technology: Bluetooth-Enabled
Animal Paw Socks - PeekWise Animal Paw Socks - PeekWise
Animal Paw Socks from $13.99 $15.00
Turn Your Feet into Animal Paws! These unique animal feet socks have HD imagery printed on all sides of the sock that makes it look like you actually have animal feet. The top of your feet will look like the top of the foot of a cat, horse, eagle, etc, whereas the bottom of your feet will look just like the bottom of the animals feet. The animal paw socks are a perfect addition to an animal costume, a furry-type situation, or just a way to be a weirdo around the house. Features: ✔ Turn Your Feet into Paws - Hilarious socks turn your feet into the paws of your favorite animal. ✔ Fun Costume Piece - Wear them as the finishing touch on that animal costume. ✔ Soft and Comfortable - Made from an easy-wear polyester fabric with just the right amount of stretch. Machine washable. ✔ One Size Fits All - Comfortably fits most feet up to men's size 13. ✔ A Great Gift - Get them for the animal lover with a sense of humor. Specifications: Material: Nylon and Polyester Adults sock length: 35cm / 13.78 Kids sock length: 20cm / 7.87in Get Yours Today! If you're tired of wearing the same, old, boring socks to work every day, why not spice up your sock drawer - and your office - by pulling on a pair of these wild looking Animal Paws Socks?!
-35% sale
Ponytail Baseball Cap - PeekWise Ponytail Baseball Cap - PeekWise
Ponytail Baseball Cap $22.99 $35.00
The Best Seller Ponytail Baseball Cap Now you can wear a cap and a ponytail or messy bun at the same time! Our Ponytail Cap features the same fit as the regular net cap but has a small hole the in top for you to pull your hair through! Can be worn with a ponytail, a messy bun, or regularly with hair down. Without any tugging, pinching, or flattening! No more flat hair when you remove your cap. Create unique, attention-getting looks that help you maximize comfort while protecting your face from the UV rays! Why You Need this Awesome Cap: ✔ Super Comfortable, Trendy & Functional! ✔ Perfect for pulling your messy bun or high ponytail through! ✔ Time-saving and convenient design is great for leisurely or active outdoor adventures, like sports and camping! ✔ One size fits all with an adjustable strap. Specifications: Material: 20% Cotton, 80% Polyester Size: 56-61 cm (22-24in) with Adjustment Strap Ponytail Opening: 7.6 x 1.2cm (3.0 x 0.5in) Weight: 82g (0.18lbs) Get Yours Today! Everyone will start looking at you like a queen. The second you put on your ponytail cap, it feels like you've put on a crown, because whether you believe this or not, its remains true that you will likely never find anyone wearing your same crown.
Double-Sided Super Strong Adhesive Tape PeekWise Double-Sided Super Strong Adhesive Tape PeekWise
Double-Sided Super Strong Adhesive Tape from $15.99
The Ultimate Tape Experience Our 3M Double-Sided Reusable Adhesive Tape can hold photos, paper, chipboard, mat board, foam core, flocking, foil, glitter, small beads, sand, embossing powder and more. It has an extra strong bond that won't come loose! It is an acid-free tape and archival quality, so it won't cause your paper or embellishments to fade or discolor. The tape is suitable for those projects where a strong adhesive is required. Features: ✔ Strong Viscosity. Our indoor mounting tape is a super strong double-coated tape that adheres and conforms to a variety of surfaces. It has a high initial adhesion and adhesive strength, there is no foam layer, just the clear adhesive and the red backing. It's also a removable, reusable and washable tape. ✔ Durable. The double-sided adhesive tape is made of Acrylic, environmental protection raw material, completely safe for everyone, including kids and pets. ✔ Wide Range of Applications. You can use the double sided mounting tape for cars, fixed driving recorder, navigator, auto accessories, Home & Kitchen, Mobile phone stents, phone LCD panel display, frameless picture frame, rubber pads, doorplate etc. For office, billboard, advertising, photo wall etc. In acrylic, glass, tile and so on. Smooth surface performance is particularly outstanding. ✔ Easy to Remove. As strong as the tape holds items together, it can be peeled off by hand easily from a shear angle. It does not leave a stain afterward. Specifications: Material: Nano PU Gel Length: 3 meters (~9.8ft | 118in) Width: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm or 15mm Thickness: 1mm

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