Anti-Aging 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask

$22.99 $25.00 -9% OFF


Anti-Aging 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask

$22.99 $25.00 -9% OFF


Product Description

This Gold Smoothens Dark, Puffy Eyes

Your lifestyle may bring tired eyes, bags, wrinkles and dark circles that may affect your appearance. But our Anti-Aging 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask will take care of them and hydrate the delicate skin to brighten and reduce fine lines and puffiness.

Anti-Aging 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask PeekWise

Naturally Heals Undereye Skin

The patches contain high-density collagen, Vitamins C and E, and hyaluronic acid known to boost the elasticity of the skin, moisturize, fade crow's feet and strengthen its defense against various stressors.

Anti-Aging 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask PeekWise

Add It to Your Skin Care Daily Routine

Use it cold in the morning to ease down puffiness. The gold eye masks reduce bags and relieve eye fatigue that helps give a younger-looking appearance.

Treatment for Everyone

Hands down the easiest treatment for those who work late nights, insomniacs, ones with sensitive skin, and for those who simply want to look their best at any event!

Why It's Good for Your Eyes

✔️ Structure. The masks are similar to soft tissue making it gentle, with a formulation that's easily absorbed by the skin.

Anti-Aging 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask PeekWise

✔️ Easy to Use. Simply place the masks under your eyes two to three times a day for 30 minutes and it will give you the full effect of collagen.

Anti-Aging 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask PeekWise

✔️ Non-Invasive. It is a practical and more affordable alternative to going under the knife since some form of bags is not severe.

✔️ Portable. The individually-packed eye masks come in handy because you can simply stash them in your beauty kit and you don't have to worry about contamination.

Anti-Aging 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask PeekWise

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  • Weight: 6g
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Your Order Includes:

  • 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 x 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks

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These amazing Anti-Aging 24k Gold Collagen Eye Masks offer a natural and non-invasive way to treat eye bags, fine lines, and wrinkles. It contains plant collagen and vitamins that effectively reduces the appearance of the bags and wrinkles. It is simply the easiest way to looking younger and at your best.

Anti-Aging 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask PeekWise

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